Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy has been involved in the Los Angeles restaurant scene for over two decades. As the son of iconic restaurateur Jimmy Murphy, owner and operator of the legendary restaurant, Jimmy’s Beverly Hills, he has closely followed in his Father’s footsteps when it comes to taking care of his customers.

Sean carries his well known family name with him while providing his loyal clientele with the revered personal touch and service his Father was so well known for in the Los Angeles Social Scene – an art that many people feel has waned over the years. With a combination of Sean’s hands on approach, attention to detail, and passion for exceptional food & service, Sean can bring the same strong business sensibilities and visionary attributes all of his restaurant ventures.  One thing he knows for sure is that the expectation for good service has never changed.  Sean brings his unparalleled experience to a highly competitive industry while continuing to exemplify through his successful following why good relationships are valued in this business.